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So, what can $40,000 buy you? Several things, including the average production costs of a film such as The Blair Witch Project. And now, two years after The Blair Witch Project was wrapped, what’s the status of the film? Well, if you don’t know that, then you’ve been flying around the frozen northern wastes with Ithaqua for far too long.

I once had had a query elsewhere at this site about doing a Lovecraftian film. I’ve since removed the query. I got a few responses to the query, some of them very good. Still, nothing really serious enough to think of a possible project.

Now, with the "teeny bopper angst ridden splatter movies" seemingly fading into the dust bin of discarded blood stained knives & chain saws, it looks as if Hollywood is turning its hesitant eyes toward a brand of horror film more intellectually stimulating for those of us that like a little more mood & atmosphere, a little more unseen suggestiveness that forces an audience to use their brain. I like that, I like the turn of events…but still, Hollywood IS…after all, Hollywood.

We recently had the remake of The Haunting based on Shirley Jackson’s novel The Haunting of Hill House. The actual "house" of the film was wonderful, but for my tastes, there were just a few too many computer generated effects…& you sure as Hell could tell they were computer generated. All in all, the remake was an entertaining film, but I much prefer the original 1963 black & white version.

"Okay okay," you say. "Get to the point." All right, I will. The point is this…if you can make a film such as The Blair Witch Project for 40 grand, how about a Mythos movie that could blow the proverbial roof off the damp, cold, slimy, underground crypt whose walls are etched in R’lyehian petroglyphs?! I think it can be done!

There are many great people out there delving into Lovecraftian shorts, superb actors, directors, producers, writers, et al. Check out The Lurker in the Lobby or the up & coming Return to Innsmouth. That will tell you. So, my point is…at the risk of resurrecting my earlier query…how about an "ORIGINAL" mood & atmospheric, suggestive horror film that is dressed in Lovecraftian clothing?

Sure, it is hard to do a Lovecraft original…& that is something I’d love to do. There are a few Lovecraft stories I’d love to see made into films (barring, of course, those that Hollywood has already TRIED to do). But I think it would be wiser, more entertaining, & more fun to do an original film with an original storyline from an original script that is set in the Mythos world.

So, I end with questions…& they are: What do you think? Interested in possibly pursuing this? Perhaps form a working team to discuss a possible film project, etc?

If so, let me know…

Arkham Shadows

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