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Ye Eldritch Tome

Ah yes! My own eldritch tome! How maddingly delightful!

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The painting above was done by Francisco de Goya. It is one of his "Black Paintings", a series of paintings he had done late in his life. This painting, among others of "The Black Paintings", were never given titles by Goya himself. Many of these paintings were done on the plaster walls of Goya's cottage, the Quinta del Sordo, & have since been moved to the Prado Museum in Madrid. Some have called this painting "The Great He Goat" (perhaps "she goat", hmmmm?)…I myself, with respect to Goya of course, like to refer to it as "The Great Black Goat"! This one's for you, Corey…!

NOTE: Well folks, I've got a new guestbook in place as of February 4, 2001. A few months ago something happened to my old guestbook, & no matter how hard & how much I tried to get "them" to fix it...well, I've got a new guestbook! Different company! As a result, I've lost all the entries that were in the old one. So, if you signed the old one, I ask that you sign this new one as well! Many thanks!

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