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Arkham Shadows

This site is devoted to the World of Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Included are links to other Lovecraft related sites, artwork, literature, & some examples of my own "Mythos" writing. Also included is a bibliography of Lovecraftian reading materials from my own personal collection as well as materials in my collection of those either influenced by Lovecraft or had an influence ON Lovecraft.

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Enter the realm of Arkham Shadows
("Howard Phillips Lovecraft" illustration © copyright - D L Hutchinson 1996)

In a vast room hung with strangely figured arras and filled with olibanum fumes, Etienne-Laurent de Marigny often sits listening with vague sensations to the abnormal rhythm of that hieroglyphed, coffin-shaped clock.

Through the Gates of the Silver Key
H P Lovecraft/E Hoffman Price

"Arkham Shadows" banner Copyright © 1997 by Corey Whitworth

Morning came wanly, and the night-sounds ceased.

The Dunwich Horror
H P Lovecraft

Samples of my "Mythos" Writing

My literary endeavor into the "Cthulhu Mythos".

News & Notes from the Attic

And just what do I have hidden in my dusty dank attic? Just a few old trunks containing news & notes of my "Mythos" writing projects.


For what it's worth, I have decided to compile a personal bibliography of Lovecraft related (in some way or other) reading materials. These books are those I have in my own collection. This list is by no means complete & will grow with time.

Othere Worldlie

This link to my "Othere Worldlie" site lies somewhat outside the realm of the "Cthulhu Mythos". Included here is a list of writings & writers who have broadened my scope thanks, in part, to H P Lovecraft (among others).

Ah yes! My own eldritch tome! How maddingly delightful!

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You had best carry the Sign of the Elder Gods with you for protection upon entering these rings of eldritch horror!


...people have walked amidst the Shadows of Arkham! The question is - how many lived to tell about it??

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Arkham Shadows