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Arkham Shadows
My "Mythos" Writing

Moreover, there broods eternally about this country an undeniable atmosphere not alone of age and desertion, but also of evil. There are areas of woodland in which no axe has fallen, as well as dark, vinegrown glens, where brooks trickle in a darkness unbroken by sunlight even on the brightest day… It is not a country in which to linger overlong, and certainly not a place in which to be found at night.

Wentworth’s Day
H P Lovecraft

Great Cthulhu

......I myself have plunged into the dark world of the Great Old Ones, have walked the shadow haunted streets of Arkham, have tarried many nights amidst the crumbling structures of seaside Innsmouth, have walked the haunted woods near Dunwich, and have walked in the footsteps of the Mad Arab, Abdul Alhazred. Come with me into the realm of darkness known as the "Cthulhu Mythos" for these tales are tales of my own, tales of my experiences!

......Here is a listing of my Mythos material.

Cthulhu illustration © 1992, Gary McCluskey

Azathoth Awakening (received HWA Bram Stoker Award "recommendation")

Suppose you had a nightmare, & in the course of that nightmare you touched the sleeping mind of Azathoth? But it doesn't stop there! Suppose Azathoth awoke & decided to pay a visit to the one who disturbed his sleep?!

* * * * *

Blood Red Moon

This is a fragment & a part of the H'chtelegoth & Others series. Hopefully one day I'll get this one done!

* * * * *

The Circle Of Nyarlathotep

One by one, members of the "Celaeno Project" are disappearing. The only clue is a mysterious parchment left behind with each disappearance. What does the parchment mean? The Circle of Nyarlathotep takes us from Columbiana County, Ohio to ruins in the desert sands of Ancient Egypt where the answer to the mysterious parchment lies waiting to be discovered.

* * * * *

De Marigny’s Clock (received HWA Bram Stoker Award "recommendation")

Time is a mystery when you don’t think in linear terms. And there is Etienne-Laurent de Marigny’s clock, a gate to another world!

* * * * *


H'chtelegoth & Others

This is a series of interrelated stories much like Under Darkening Skies. It was begun by Sam Milligan & myself in the early 1980s, but has never been completed. One day...yes, one day...

* * * * *

H'chtelegoth - the teleplay

Set in Great Britain, one incarnation of H’chtelegoth was a teleplay that I wrote based on the novella co-written by myself and Samuel H Milligan. Unfortunately, no one was interested in it. So, thought I’d include it here.

H'chtelegoth illustration © 1999, R S Cartwright

* * * * *

Innsmouth Harvest

There's always something fishy going on at Innsmouth. If you should ever go there, be careful the townsfolk don't induce your wife or girlfriend to take you on a "one-way" swim to Devil Reef! And for you ladies, what it is you see in those fish things is beyond me!

* * * * *


How does a city disappear & become legend - later to be whispered about guardedly around campfires?

* * * * *

The Moore Dam Monster

Deep in the dark cold waters of the Moore Reservoir of northern New Hampshire lurks something that is legendary to the Coos Indians. This is the only completed story I have available from the H'chtelegoth & Others series.

* * * * *


Kanusoth illustration © 1999, R S Cartwright

* * * * *


Ah, yes, you write stories, & are consistently getting them rejected? There are ways to get even - with the right connections, of course!

* * * * *

The Scuttler in the Dark

Ever run into a web in the woods, & feel like something is crawling all over you for days afterwards? Creepy crawly slimy things, yes. Some are even furry like tarantulas. Then there are the offspring of Atlach-Nacha. And Atlach-Nacha herself!

* * * * *

Under Darkening Skies

"In the course of one night that is one year, blood shall flow and the face of the world shall be veiled in red. Thus, under darkening skies, the Old One shall stand affront the Monk, and before the first light of the sun has shone upon the new year, the world shall be forever changed…"

Need I say more about Under Darkening Skies?

* * * * *

When the Stars Are Right

The Great Old Ones, along with their minions & worshippers, are becoming more active. But the stars are not right! A mysterious secretive albino stranger dressed in black suddenly appears. Possessing powers never before seen, he has come to stop the Great Old Ones & their followers. But, to coin a phrase, things aren't always what they seem...!

Okay, I got a thing about maps! I collect them, like I collect books. But my book collection far outnumbers my map collection. So, why the maps here?? These are just parts of a Columbiana County, Ohio map I have. They are intended as a sort of "guided tour" to where some of my stories take place. It’s a habit of mine, that mental image of where the action happens. Like putting a face with a voice. In this case, putting a location with the action.


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