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A Listing of my Lovecraftian Stories

Under Darkening Skies series

Prologue - Damascus
1. Z'toggua
2. Return To the Mountains Of Madness
3. The High Priest
4. Shifting Sands
5. The Dark One Comes
Epilogue - Celaeno

H'chtelegoth & Others series

1. H'chtelegoth
2. The Moore Dam Monster
3. The Horror Of Organ Grinder Road (incomplete)*
4. Return of the Moore Dam Monster (incomplete)
5. Blood Red Moon (incomplete)
6. Ghosties & Ghoulies & Long Legged Beasties
..........& Dead Things That Go Bump In the Night (incomplete)
7. Come With Us Into the Light (incomplete)

When the Stars Are Right

1. The Stranger & H’chtelegoth
2. The Stranger & Tsathoggua
3. The Stranger & Dagon
4. The Stranger & the Hounds of Tindalos
5. The Stranger & Rhan-Tegoth (incomplete)
6. The Stranger & Ithaqua (incomplete)
7. The Stranger & Nyarlathotep (incomplete)

My original "Lovecraftian series" (1st attempt - late 70s)

1. The Invisible Nightmare
2. Z'toggua
3. Return To the Mountains of Madness
4. From the Potomac
5. Realization
6. The High Priest
7. The Horror of Organ Grinder Road
8. The Black Horror
9. In the End: A Requiem For Janet

The Jacques-Laurent de Marigny series (incomplete)**

1. Inheritance
2. Arkham Shadows

** more to time **

Lovecraftian Horror Novellas

The Horror From the Well
The Satanists (incomplete)
The Horror of Organ Grinder Road (incomplete)*
Kanusoth (incomplete)

Lovecraftian Short Stories (completed)

Azathoth Awakening
The Black Horror
The Black Horror - an appendix(a journal)
The Circle of Nyarlathotep
De Marigny's Clock
Dreaming In Darkness
The House in the Woods
Innsmouth Harvest
The Scuttler in the Dark
Tommy's Goat

Lovecraftian short stories (incomplete)

A Fisherman's Tale
Blood Madness
Cat's Eye
The Coming of Nephren-Ka
Dead Reckoning (based on lost story)
Dia Tessaron
Festival of the Winds
The Final Night (based on "The Cry of the Banshee")
Gretchen's Wood
The Horror at Adler's Rest
The Horror of Highlandtown Lake
The Horror of Roanoke
Inside the House in the Woods
The Red Road to Caliente
To Have Dreamed A Different Dream

Miscellaneous Lovecraftian Horror: Screenplays & Teleplays

The Circle of Nyarlathotep (incomplete)
Ithaqua (incomplete)

.* these stories are based on original versions
** in the preliminary planning stages


1. I also have partial note files on four other stories which currently have no tentative titles. I have them labled simply as "Untitled".

2. You will note that some of my original Mythos stories have been rewritten & form, in large part, the storyline for UNDER DARKENING SKIES.

My "Mythos" Writing

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