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These thoughts filled her mind as the racing carriage sped through the winding ways of the gloomy forest, and the Gothic novel in her lap was forgotten. In a way, she quite resembled a typical heroine of Radcliffian romance: her fearful young beauty, set in the gloomy scene of the antique coach; foam-flecked horses speeding toward the old mansion before the storm broke; the dark, brooding forest with its whipping trees and deep shadows; and the windswept sky of fading scarlet light, piled with darkling storm clouds.

Curse of the Black Pharaoh
Lin Carter

"Curse of the Black Pharaoh" excerpt, © 1989 by Cryptic Productions
Reprinted by permission of Robert M. Price, Chaosium, Inc.

A "Wingless" Old One from the Mountains of Madness

Old One illustration, © 1982 by R S Cartwright

Weird Tales

Weird Tales! What can I say? The name speaks for itself. I want to set this link off all by itself. Weird Tales was the Icon of supernatural "weird" fiction. And why include it here?? Well, if you don’t know the answer to that, then you’ve been hanging out on Celaeno with the Elder Gods for far too long, or perhaps have no idea of who H P Lovecraft REALLY was!!

Two names go together, hand in hand. They are Weird Tales and H P Lovecraft. You can barely speak of one without speaking of the other in the same breath! Which now brings me to this site.

This is a link to a tribute to Weird Tales. And a very well done one at that! Here you will find an overview of the legendary "Unique" magazine, some cover photos of the artwork to a number of issues spanning the history of Weird Tales, a picture and paragraph biography of many of the great Weird Tales contributors (including many of the "Lovecraft Circle"), and more.

Well worth the time. Definitely take a look!

Coming soon from Crawling Chaos Pictures……H P Lovecraft’s NYARLATHOTEP

Ah yes, a film based on the HPL frag, & certainly one of my favorite Lovecraftian beasties! I’ve got to hand it to Christian Matzke for doing this film…a film I’ll certainly add to my collection! Click on the film title logo to the left & check out Christian’s site. Get all the background info, HPL’s original frag, news, notes, & a diary on the film’s progress, & some background on the cast & crew, including Chritian Matzke, Elias Bresnick, Galen Richmond, Jon Dearnley, Rob Wilber, David Meiklejohn, & starring Dan Harrod as the Black God himself - NYARLATHOTEP!

Graphics © 2000 by Crawling Chaos Pictures

Return To Innsmouth

Go behind the scenes & find out about Aaron Vanek, Andrew Migliore, & Co.’s upcoming release of the short film, Return To Innsmouth! These talented folk are bringing our favorite ramshackled seaside village & its infamous offshore denizens to the silver screen… Ah, but is it truly fiction or do they know something we’ve long suspected?!

Return To Innsmouth graphic, © 1998 by Beyond Books

You think you are safe & secure in your own little world? You think that the light of day can dispel the shadows of night, the shadows of darkness?? Be wary, & guard against what you do NOT know!! Here you will find the knowledge required to be aware, to know the truth!! Time grows short! The Great Old Ones shall surely return! The signs are cryptic, yet they are there to be seen! So, be prepared! Avert madness! For "when the stars are right in their course", it shall be too late!!

Reader's Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos

The H P Lovecraft Archive

The H P Lovecraft Library

The Arkham Archives

The Cthulhu Mythos: A Guide

The Shub-Niggurath Fan Club

The Innsmouth Archives

The Deep Ones Speak

Mythos Online

The Eltdown Shards

Letters From Outside

Knuckerhole & Other Poisoned Dreams

The Attic Window - A Tribute to H P Lovecraft

NecronomiCon: The Cthulhu Mythos Convention

Amendment #1: Again, another tome of eldritch horror has just been uncovered! From the dark charnel archives of Edward P. Berglund with the blasphemous artistic direction of James Kracht (Erebus Graphic Design) comes Nightscapes! How long this eldritch tome has lain dormant, perhaps locked away in some dust covered darkened vault in the moldering caverns beneath the haunted alleys of seaside Innsmouth, may never be known! Delight in this, as I am sure Alhazred would have or perhaps even the Great One himself, Eich-Pi-El. Certainly indulge in Nightscapes which can be viewed in Mr. Berglund’s Reader’s Guide To the Cthulhu Mythos.

Nightscapes graphic, © 1998 by Erebus Graphic Design

Amendment #2: To those who wish to play with fate, within the shadowed halls of the Shub-Niggurath Fan Club there rests Corey Whitworth’s eldritch tome All Things Dark & Dangerous. Brush back the wraith-like cobwebs & turn back the pages. Terror awaits!

Ah yes! Here we have links to sites that concern various writers who were at one time a member of a "Lovecraft Circle" or who have in some way written "Mythos" material, etc…all very good sources of information on these individuals in their own right, & concerning their own works. & we must remember, once a "Circle" member, ALWAYS a "Circle" member. No incurring the wrath of the Great Old Ones!

Robert Bloch

Lin Carter

August Derleth

Robert E Howard

Fritz Leiber

Brian Lumley

Richard Searight

Clark Ashton Smith

Clark Ashton Smith #2

NOTE: The list will expand with time…especially when people do pages on other greats such as Ramsey Campbell, et al!

Just when you thought your madness was complete, & then we have these sites of Mythos arcania. Guard your sanity well for within these sites lurk the eldritch terrors which can induce madness swiftly & efficiently. Listen to the ethereal chanting, the songs of the whippoorwills, the howling mad laughter adrift on the wind! Ha! There is no escape!

Cthulhu Mythos

Mythos Web

Mythos Haiku

Arkham Laboratories

DARK LEGACY (the original)

Uh oh! I was a afraid of that! Looks like the Deep Ones got Ron! They’ve got him working for them now - with a brand new eldritch Cthulhu Mythos fan magazine.

New from the original Innsmouth Archivist, Ron Shiflet & Tenoka Press present DARK LEGACY. Put in an order & check it out (during the day & away from ocean water, of course).

While reviewing Ron's file on Dark Legacy, check out The Innsmouth Archive as well, & see why the Deep Ones were so intent on Ron's demise.

Personal Note: I suppose it doesn’t hurt that I went public above in associating Ron with "The Innsmouth Archive". The Deep Ones have him, & by now they know all about the files he was keeping on them.

DARK LEGACY, © 1998 by Ron Shiflet & Tenoka Press

"Thinker In the Darkness" cover illustration, © 1998 by Stanley Sargent

Beware the eldritch tomes!!!!! It is said that reading them can induce madness!!!! Try these sites! They are maddeningly delightful!!!!!!!

Al Azif (The Necronomicon)

Al Azif (again)

The Dan Clore Necronomicon Page

De Web Mysteriis

As noted, the eldritch tomes are frightful & maddening! These include De Vermiis Mysteriis, the Pnakotic Manuscripts, the N'ghilim Manuscripts, the R'lyeh Texts, the Unaussprechlichen Kulten, and the dreaded Necronomicon locked in a vault in the basement of Miskatonic University - among others! And what of NetherReal?? Or Mythos Online?? Or Cthulhu Mythos Original Short Fiction?? I fear these texts are soon to take their place along side of those fearful tomes I have already mentioned! Beware these texts if you value your sanity! Are they truly works of fiction? (cackling madly) I leave that for you to decide!!

The NetherReal Cyberzine

Cthulhu Mythos Original Short Fiction

Wired Tales (coming soon)

If you thought the unholy cacophony of piping flutes & layered chanting of which no human tongue can emulate that permeates the night air is enough to drive you mad, then you haven't counted on The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets! Are they servitors of Nyarlathotep? Perhaps Ithaqua or Yog-Sothoth? Perhaps they play the music to herald the arrival of the Great Azathoth himself! Enter these sites at your own risk, of course! You have no one to blame but yourself should you leave them as blind, mad, & mindless as those you may come to serve!

The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets

The People of Innsmouth

Just as NightScapes, The NetherReal Cyberzine, Cthulhu Mythos Original Short Fiction, & Mythos Online have all perpetuated the blasphemous horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos in the cyber-realm, there are those dark & horrid companies that continue to perpetrate the same in printed word!

So, if you haven’t had enough of the dark & terror stricken realm of the Cthulhu Mythos & want to expand your own collection of forbidden lore, dark tomes await thee in these hallowed halls of eldritch horror!!!!!

Chaosium, Inc.

Pagan Publishing

Necronomicon Press

Baharna Books

Beyond Books

Mythos Books


Dark Tales Publications

Tsathoggua Press


"YOG-SOTHOTH" artwork, © 1998 by Anita S. Moore

Beware your fleeting sanity should you gaze upon the eldritch horror of the "Cthulhu Mythos" as depicted in art!

The Gates of Yith

Toren's Mainly Lovecraftian Art Gallery

Dave Carson Art

Angel Ortega's Cthulhu Gallery

The Cthulhu Gallery

Zahred's Gallery of Art and Fiction Fantastique

H P Lovecraft Tarot

There were always those who believed that sacrifices must be made to Ghatanothoa, lest it crawl out of its hidden abysses and waddle horribly through the world of men…bringing doom to all it might encounter. For no living thing could behold Ghatanothoa, or even a perfect graven image of Ghatanothoa, however small, without suffering a change more horrible than death itself.

Out of the Aeons
Hazel Heald/H P Lovecraft (1933)


"GHATANOTHOA" illustration, © 1995 by Angel Ortega

Many others have descended into the eldritch realm of the Cthulhu Mythos. Their sites lurk in the shadows all across the web.

Cthulhu Mythos Sites

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